Saturday, November 24, 2007

At last! It's been way over a month! I spent the whole night yesterday (barely sleeping) and most of today to breed my mighty yet underused Feraligatr. lol

To test it out, I finally had a wi-fi battle and my opponent had a pure OU team, which just made it that much more fun to beat. :P

That guy made a big mistake double thunderpunching my Feraligatr. If he used close combat the second time (instead of thunderpunch), he would've knocked out my Feraligatr (since it gets STABed, meaning 180 power, thunderpunch does 150). lol But these kind of decisions come from experience I guess.


GHGraphics said...

Hahaha so anticlimactic.

Stealthrock getting the final hit in haha

Jason Park said...

Exactly the reason why I used stealth rock. Ha ha