Monday, July 2, 2007


I've recently watched anime called "AIR". I saw a good rating on it and looked pretty funny so I decided to watch it.

For a love comedy, it wasn't funny as I expected. As I got into the series, I realized that it wasn't a comedy. It's a serious drama. I usually don't watch deep and emotional movies and TV series because I hate how it gets stuck in my head for days! @.@

But I really got into the story and I couldn't stop watching. So I decided to keep watching it. The story was very original, complicated and a little confusing.

Animation was fantastic. A lot and constant acting, great expressions and just beautiful drawings. (although eyes might have been overdone lol)

I read that this was based on a visual novel and was also released as a hentai game. But anime is very far away from it.

If you like shows that make you very emotional at the end, this is for you. One of the most deep and complex anime I've ever watched.