Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another day, another battle!

I lost... He might get away against others, but not me. Those Pokemons have illegal stats! *sighs*

His Pokemons had amazing stats in everything. Like Kangaskhan's Return doing so little damage on Porygon-Z and Gallade's massive attack. Earthquake on Kangaskhan should've done around 160 damage even if it has max attack. I wasn't completely sure so I kept battling until it became clear. Rhyperior outrunning my Poliwrath! @.@

He did a good job hacking them so they aren't so obvious, but still stronger than they should be. Man, I was afraid of battling someone like this. Ha ha>.<

I couldn't sleep after losing to those illegal hacked Pokemons... Ha ha So I had another round. My Poliwrath's frustration from last battle paid off here big time! lol


Dirty Dre said...

hahahahaha. that sucks

di you still have your old red/blue cartridge? I wanna battle you with the classics (i.e. my only pokemon game)

Jason Park said...

No I lost my old one. I have no idea where it is. >.<