Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Oh my goodness, scanning my storyboard took me about 7 hours. This is ridiculous! My laptop keeps turning off by itself because it gets hot so quickly and my scanner wasn't doing its job very well.

I could only scan maximum of 2 panels at once since my scanner's for 8 1/2 by 11 papers.

Okay, gotta click "Publish" before my laptop turns off again!


GHGraphics said...

allright Jason, there you go man. I added you!

Ya scanning in takes FOREVER! I did all mine on the computer so it didn't take so much time to assemble the story boards :D

Letz said...

why didnt u go to the lab? :)

Jason Park said...

Thanks! I'm honored. :D

Well I was guessing there would be a lot people using scanners in the lab. >.<

Next time, I'm doing it digitally. I learned my lesson! :)